Technical Characteristics Of Asa Hoteling SoftWare

  • Independent Of Any Platform (Linux , Windows)
  • Independent Of Any Browser (Cross-Browser)

  • Programming Language: PHP
  • Information Base: MySQL
  • Completely Web-Based And Implementable On The Internet And Intranet

More than 35 web-based hoteling software are linked integratedly. (all software are linked)

Creating and transferring income documents, warehouse documents, salary documents and property documents of a hotel onto Asa accounting software are automatic and mechanized.

Key card hotel function

Asa hoteling software can make a software contact with hotel key cards (Adel, Hune and Orbita brands) so that the card is issued only by guest registration in Asa software and users have no access to the card issuing software and all operations for the management of key cards will be carried out by Asa hoteling software.

The capability to control the renewal of guest room key cards based on their balance: Firstly, the key card of a guest is charged regardless of check-out time for maximum 3 days. The balance is then checked after expiration time and if it is higher than authorized credit limit, the system prevents the renewal of card key and the guest has to pay a deposit for the renewal of card keys. It’s worth noting that only VIP rooms are able to be charged without controlling credit. For special situations, only the supervisor of department is able to charge a card key without controlling its credit.

For better communication with customers and improving customer service, Asa hoteling software is able to use a customer relationship management (CRM) system in which sending and receiving SMS for resident guests or sending information to non-resident guests are provided. It is also possible to see delivered messages to customers in this hoteling software in every section (reservation, room…) to make a user able to see his/her messages without using other software.

This software is able to make a software contact with different telephone centers. It’s worth noting that Asa software can link to a telephone center device so that permitted internal users can see the name of callers and their backgrounds on the monitor before picking up the phone to show greater readiness for communication with a guest. This information will be transferred from CRM system to the telephone center.

Classification of software users based on the group that can be defined for each access control group and all users adhere to that group.

The capability to manage the number of days permitted for a user’s report, to control the number of days that users are active, to control Rial reports of users not to be shown

The capability to save guests’ orders and save the watcher of booking request

The capability to create a system backup automatically (daily, every hour, every minute)

All user operations are registered in this hoteling software as “log file” (log file of a register, log file of a user, log file of a tab)

Direct contact with financial system (sending seasonal purchase and sale report according to article 169)

Hotel Restaurant Performance

Tablets can be used to speed up work and taking orders from guests at restaurants and printers and monitors can be used in the kitchen .

  1. Removing food vouchers at restaurants
  2. Speeding up the process of order registration at restaurants
  3. Displaying the photo and movie of foods when guests order
  4. Registration of food ready to sell…

  5. Map Tabel : it is possible to register a guest’s order either manually or by a tablet, then the host will be able to know who has ordered what kind of food .

The capability to link to other charging internet services (Mikrotik IBSng-Delta SIB)

The ability to manage the purchase requests and orders of customers with regard to hotel workflow system from request to confirmation by managers and finally delivering goods to warehouses automatically by the software of uses and requests

The capability to calculate the final price of goods by standard and normal method (cost control) based on available information in warehouse and restaurant software and also calculating the final price of buffets and the ability to make reports and delivering consumer goods to hotel warehouses based on sales for the registration of consumer goods cost, unabsorbed costs of a restaurant and so on.

By direct link to IPTV systems, Asa hoteling software package is able to offer services to its respectable customers, services such as displaying a room bill, ordering food, playing favorite channels or movies and so on.

The capability to establish a comprehensive personnel management service including payments, attendance, the management of personnel portal, personnel voucher (software and hardware), personnel restaurant, the management of human resources

Specific capabilities of Double accounting software (cash flow statements, budgeting, cost sharing, saving enclosures for every accounting document, classification of documents, the final price of a whole hotel ….)