Asa SoftWare Package

The management of different guarantee contracts of tours and companies mentioning the number of rooms from every kind, the management of different kinds of Full Board and Half Board, the capability to define Full Board and Half Board separately for varieties of rooms, automatic calculation of room guarantees based on their related contract, presenting the reports on occupancy percentage as diagrams, the capability to sell triple rooms as double rooms or double rooms as single rooms (for example when the capacity of double rooms is full, a triple room can be sold with the price of a double room), the capability to scan guests’ documents for every card registration, the capability to get guests’ signature without any paper, comparative reports on occupancy percentage per day and comparing it with previous years and reporting its related standard deviation, reports on dollar, euro and pound exchange rates in the software (if Asa server is connected to the internet), reports on Rial occupancy percentage and so on.

The management of seasonal prices based on historic periods, tours and days of a week, additional services of reservation, mechanized management of sent and received faxes, mechanized confirmation of every reservation signature by qualified managers, the capability to upload every reservation enclosure for showing to related users, notification of arriving and departing flights, domestic and international flights (if Asa server is connected to the internet) , the capability to send SMS automatically by customer service software, reports on the company tour reservations, reports on reservation with transfers, additional services of reservations based on implementation date, reports on changes in the company tour reservations, reports on balance of active reservations of tours and companies…

Controlling the time of food return, table reservation, controlling the time of cooking, controlling the maximum time for using a table, registration of controlling ready-to-sell food, getting signature from guests for every restaurant voucher by a tablet, the capability to offer discount as percentage or an amount to personnel for using the restaurant, direct link to goods control cassette software, reports on sales income from the current shift of restaurants, reports on restaurant sales for separate bills, reports on restaurant sales for separate food vouchers and so on.

Taking food orders from guests, controlling ready-to-sell food, getting digital signature, the management of kitchen printer, displaying the movie and photos of foods, linking to Asa host call hardware, the capability to receive different cooking conditions, Map Table and so on.

The capability to record minibar information by IVR, tablet, IPTV, normal phone and client, controlling disagreement between supply items of the minibar Presenting after-sale services and support in the form of maintenance contract for 10 years for all systems Then number of technical staff and professionals are about 40 (part-time and full-time staff)

The capability to manage housekeeping warehouse, cleaning, occupancy, out of order, recording lost and found things as well as searching and their delivery, recording the confirmation of checking out by housekeeping to be paid in reception, the capability to record housekeeper’s observations on room conditions, recording announcement of damage for related departments, recording any damage to rooms, different reports on vacancies, reservations, resident tours, checking out on a special days, presenting comparative reports on housekeeping and reception for checking disagreement and control, the capability to create housekeeping warehouse and linking it to the central warehouse, announcing the details of cleaning information including housekeepers’ names and the date of cleaning for reporting and needed controls.

The capability to record hotel internal uses (personnel, restaurants, rooms…), laundry record for guest’ uses, the capability to record extra services in laundry, recording waste product, separate discount for personnel, guests, customers and normal sale, the capability to define goods and services and classifying them into definable groups, reports on functions of some hotel cost centers, personnel function reports on laundry, a full Rial report on separate goods

The capability to receive instructions from other Asa software and putting them into facility software, controlling facility warehouse, recording consumer goods based on received instructions, reports on instructions followed by a user, reports on how to repair and the kind of repair, the capability to write automatic routine instructions daily and weekly: 1): for example, a special device must be checked every other day 2): the capability to write facility contracts (device insurance, contractors) and announcing the end of contract a week before that.

The management of salons, conferences, seminars and banquets, the management of signing a contract in a mechanized form and the system of <>, the capability to present needed consumer goods for all formal contracts periodically or case-by-case, business calendar item (presenting the events of day with their time, presenting the days without any events, displaying the occasions of every day, alarm activation for due date of unpaid contracts, the future events, the capability to define special occasions for presentation on business calendar, the capability to filter contracts based on their present conditions, histories and cancellations and reporting them

The capability to record phone bills, classified phone books for landline and mobile phones, the management of guests’ wake up calls by linking to PCI or Panasonic phones (setting an alarm clock for a room, list of active waking hours, inactive waking hours, waking hours sent into the telephone, manual locking and unlocking zero in room phones), the capability to define special phone numbers that are paid by hotel automatically such as phone numbers of managers, factories or companies, the capability to limit room accessibility to making local and international calls, displaying phone calls according to their dates, dialed numbers, call duration, time and price, the capability to define and change the price of calls, reports on phone conversations with the ability to search different fields, the capability to define rate factors for domestic and international calls, the capability to archive all phone conversations, the capability to define special area codes with related rates and so on.

Different kinds of report on personnel performance, Log File (personnel, register, user operations, reservation bills, restaurant vouchers, store receipt and issue…), reports related to lockers in water complexes, the time of locking and unlocking them, reports on disagreement in locking and unlocking the lockers of water complexes by a software, reports on sold rooms separately, reports on tour incoming guests based on sex, reports on classification of incoming guest by community, reports on occupancy percentage of special rooms during a period of time, reports on extra beds sold in a period of time, monthly and annual occupancy percentage based on ready reports, statistical reports on the summary of cancelled reservations by users, reports on cancelled reservations by users, reservations disagree with register card in terms of names, reports on restaurant income on previous days, reports on profits made by restaurants by separate bills, vouchers and food codes, reports on tour performance based on register cards, a summary report on room income based on guests’ folio, reports on incoming guests based on separate tour groups, reports on occupancy percentage based on separate tours and companies, reports on tour balance disagreement with accounting balance, reports on food sale profit in all restaurants, summary reports on the income of all restaurants, reports on discounts offered to tours in a period of time, aged debtors report, reports on restaurant sales based on separate dates, cumulative reports on reservations based on separate tour groups of the company, reports on food packaging in restaurants, reports on duration of guests stay based on separate tours, reports on the number and price of sold rooms based on separate rooms, cash flow of a hotel, reports on the number of incoming guests, sale reports on all guests of tours and companies and 100 other reports that are diverse and practical.

A 6-level structure of accounts including total accounts, first certain accounts, second certain accounts, detailed unique1, detailed unique2, a 3-level structure of flow accounts (detailed), the capability to classify accounts to provide financial statements, the capability to define accessibility for all users, the capability to transmit documents to another accounting in the form of Excel or system colleagues’ format, recording the events of document amendment or removal (Event log), presenting reports on financial statements as daily, total, certain and detailed, presenting profit and loss reports, balance sheet and column balance sheet 2,4 and 8, presenting reports on turnover and separate cash flow, the capability to print annual and monthly documents, the capability to close impermanent accounts automatically and issue closing documents as well as opening documents for the new year, the capability to manually close accounts with an approach to cost centers, the capability to change the coding of accounts at the beginning of every year without causing any problem for the reports of previous years, reports on income and cost centers, sharing cost centers (final cost), the capability to define budgeting, reports on budget variance, reports on cash flow of resources and uses, reports on bank statements of checks, the capability of several companies to use accounting software, displaying defined rubrics specially at the time of searching code or account names, the capability to define standard financial forms like balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow statements, financial statements, the capability to classify documents, the capability to write, amend, remove or order uncertified accounting documents with regard to a user’s accessibility level, smart control and registration of document errors and error announcement in documents, the capability of advanced search on the items of a document, printing documents by a standard format as normal or step method, the capability to copy one document into another one, the capability to define centers of sale, income and cost and linking to them, parametric search in documents, separate reports on different levels of accounts, Excel on financial documents, classification of different stages of documents as desirable, the capability to define accessibility for all users.

The capability to issue group checks, the capability to receive registered checks mechanically in the reception software, check printing, the capability to install a check issue request system and confirmation by financial managers and hotel management and finally returning it to treasury for issuing a check without a possibility to change the text of the check and customer account numbers, the capability to send automatic SMS to customers whose checks are ready and send the text of payments if they are paid to accounts, reports on checks received by customers, reports on checks paid by customers, cash flows with related reports, fund accounts of the company, check payment order, the capability to register all kinds of received and certified check with reports and advanced search and so on.

The capability to record personnel functions manually and get information from attendance device automatically, providing a tax diskette, insurance and bank, calculating bonus and severance package and mechanized sending to the accounting system, giving report, the capability to define different loans for personnel, the capability to define savings credit for membership fee and sending related reports, the capability to record automatic bonus, mechanized transmission of bonus accounting documents to the accounting software, transmission of bonus tax diskette, the capability to provide payslip for bonus, the capability to define tax and taxable income, mechanized transmission of insurance diskette, mechanized transmission of tax diskette, mechanized transmission of bank diskette, the capability to transmit salary payable list to treasury, the capability to define different contact models (injury, board of directors, 80 article …). The capability to calculate 1/12 severance package, the capability to calculate 1/12 bonus, mechanized transmission of salary accounting documents to the accounting system based on cost centers, the capability to define annual tax tables, link with portal personnel software, the capability to determine salary calculation method (with full details) for every human resource letter, the capability to provide payoff form for personnel, the capability to display salary summery of a personnel by month, the capability to activate salary adjustment so that none of the personnel is debtor or creditor, the capability to calculate manual tax adjustment form (if automatic calculation is inactive) , the capability to provide different forms of report on personnel actions and list of salaries, determining various methods for transmission of salary documents to accounting and so on.

The capability to determine different methods of warehousing (weighted average, LIFO, FIFO), the capability to define record point, the capability to categorize warehouses, the capability to determine the amount of annual order, the capability to record explanations for each item of goods, the capability to define expiration date on goods, warehouse handling and presenting a list of disagreement, the capability to record all receipts and drafts according to the request sheet of system goods that issues by use and request software, rating the receipt scenario of goods, the capability to link to use and request software, the capability to control warehouse receipts and drafts so that warehouse keepers could not register goods more than specified numbers, the new date of drafts and previous receipts will be irrecoverable by registration of warehouse drafts or receipts (except management permission), the capability to issue the draft documents of internal transfer between warehouses so that the inventory of target warehouse will be increased automatically and the flow of these documents to accounting will be as transfer between warehouses, the capability to issue adjustment document of receipts and warehouse drafts if it is needed (mentioning the receipt number and reference drafts) with their specific serial number, the capability to control the tag of goods and reporting it, the capability to provide reports on capital documents from the software, the capability to provide reports on unsold goods in warehouses, the capability to define wholesalers for a hotel, the capability to define departments and place of use in a warehouse for drafts of goods, reports on inventory and the number of goods.

The capability to receive the recipe of foods and buffets, the capability to receive the buffets of every restaurant based on separate meals and a report on profits, reports on the price of ingredients based on separate codes, reports on sale profit based on separate bills, reports on restaurant costs in a period of time, reports on deductions and additions in manufacturing units, reports on periodical control over the sale price of food products, list of ingredients used in menus for sale, used ingredients based on sale centers, reports on used ingredients based on sale information, the capability to predict buffet uses and restaurant materials with regard to future contracts that are used for formality contracts, the capability to register internal production (material transformation) in different sections of a hotel such as confectionary or butcher shop, the capability to register food used by personnel (link to personnel voucher) for automatic reduction in charging stores, reports on separate sale centers (quantitative) that categorize sale information based on sale centers and show statistics about used materials to users in a specified period of time, separate reports on sale centers (Rial) that categorize sale information based on sale centers and show statistics about used materials to users in a specified period of time, reports on returns from sale centers (quantitative) that categorize sale information and calculate the amount of used and returned drafts with regard to what enters and exits the warehouse and then calculate total net uses.

The calculation of unabsorbed costs of a hotel income (after the establishment of standard cassette), the establishment of charging warehouses in the system (things exit the warehouses will be transferred to charging warehouses automatically and will be added to its inventory), consuming materials of sold goods will be calculated and then will be deducted from charging warehouses at the end of the month after closing banquet buffets and registration of goods return, so deduction and additions on charging warehouses will be calculated and can be presented to management, deduction and addition document will be registered as an adjustment document.

The management of all users’ requests including purchase or draft requests, no receipt or draft can be registered in warehouses without the number of system request sheet, the capability to define different systems of work flow with regard to work flow of the hotel (form request for goods to purchase of goods or delivery from warehouses), the capability to define the permitted limit of purchase of goods so that every item of goods has a different permitted time of purchase, the capability to deliver purchased goods in a specified period of time (sending a reminder to purchase officers), the capability to define the minimum purchase amount for every item of goods that the request will be achieved if it is fewer than it, the capability to display requests wait for management confirmation, the capability to manage all requests made by purchase units, the management of requests wait for budget provision.

In this method, all activities in a hotel will be influenced and reports on final price based on number of guests or rooms will be executable. It is worth noting that all software should change the user registration by this approach. It is also possible to calculate all unabsorbed costs for every department.

The capability to receive information through RFID tags, the capability to calculate depreciation and savings, the capability to define different methods of depreciation (direct-descending), the capability to send monthly depreciation documents, direct link to asset stores, the capability to register, follow and define different conditions for maintenance of goods including unsold and active goods, the capability to maintain photos of goods, presenting purchase reports in favorite periods of time with mentioning group and organizational unit, presenting asset kardex with its location, kind and name, presenting the list of sent assets from warehouse, presenting the assets of every unit, form number 16, presenting delivered assets of a user, reports on purchased assets in a period of time, a full report on assets and their present locations, reports on asset movements in a period of time, reports on the list of people who receive the assets of warehouse, automatic transmission of monthly depreciation documents to accounting departments, reports on assets disagree with the time when depreciation starts.

Provide an internet reservation panel in accordance with the graphics of each hotel site, Provide a report of unsolicited internet reservations (how many hits _ how many missing), Online link with internal reservation system,English Reservation with the possibility to use MasterCard and Visa and ...

Presenting a special panel to airplane agencies of sales representatives, applying seasonal prices, special prices and agency prices automatically, reports on guests of every tour and company, the capability to allocate funds to tours and companies, offer different discounts for every agency and so on.

Asa hoteling software can be linked to all available card keys, linking to Hune, Adel, Orbita cards, presenting 15-minute visit card, controlling charge of key cards according to room balance, controlling the number of keycards issued, the capability to charge key cards of rooms at the same time with registration

The capability to send group SMS or personal SMS for guests and hotel personnel, the capability to manage SMS inbox of guests, the capability to send automatic SMS for guests at the time of reservation or when the reservation is confirmed based on payments, the capability to send SMS for incoming guests of a day, the capability to manage SMS sending based on the group of hotel customers, the capability to send SMS for special customers looking for parametric, the capability to send SMS to tours and companies, the capability to send SMS for all guests in favorite events, Sending and receiving email in this software is through connecting to Mail Server that can be Gmail, Yahoo or Mail Server of the company itself, full reports on sent and received SMSs and emails, the capability to inform managers or other staff a day or several days before paying checks, the capability to send email or SMS with favorite texts for reception guests and hotel staff on special occasions such as birthdays, days of martyrdom and so on, the capability to create different campaigns for connection between people, companies or groups by related occasions for sending automatic SMS or email in determined times, the capability to define groups, companies, people and categorize them based on their kind of activities and so on.

The capability to send message for users, the capability to manage received messages, the capability to forward received messages, the capability to classify and archive received messages, the capability to attach files for sending messages, parametric search in received letters, the capability to number sent letters in secretariat, the capability to snooze messages, temporary inactivation of messages and so on.

The capability to control lockers, guests’ reception by a membership card, customer club of water complex, the management of training courses and coaches, the capability to receive free guests as a positive account, the capability to receive the closets of a water complex as a group, the capability to control the positive account of every closet, reports on sales income of current shift of water complex and previous days, sales report of every product in the water complex, the capability to link to hardware modules of Asa order registration in massage department, the capability to register and correct reservations on a locker of a water complex, the capability to define permitted times for using the water complex, the management and reports on opening and closing closets of the water complex if it is linked to online closet locking system and so on.

Removing extra interactions of personnel through personnel portal system (establishing personnel portal system causes optimization of interactions between personnel and therefore reduces costs). In fact, requests for hourly and daily leaves, missions, sick leaves and things like them can be made through personnel portal software from place of work or through computer or cellphone from home.

Distributed exploitation : The capability to exploit system as distributed between sections that can distribute the hard work of human resource department and manage traveling between different sections. It also provides a better management of personnel for managers and supervisors of different sections. For example, personnel can apply for a leave through the computer at work or at home in the personnel portal. Then, the supervisors of departments can check the requests for leave or overtime in their free time and specify that if they are confirmed or not. Finally, human resource department conducts its checks on leaves and such cases and decides on final confirmation.
Planning on complex shifts : The capability to decide on disordered shifts of personnel is one of the necessities in the work cycle of traveling management in a hotel. This important job has been conducted to adapt personnel traveling to occasions and ceremonies and can be in periods of time as daily, weekly, monthly and so on. By entering into the designed panel for this, managers or supervisors of departments are able to adjust shifts easily and according to their taste.
The capability to define automatic shifts with specified timing : This capability is available in most of present shifts and Asa software in spite of focusing on panels with the capability to define free shifts, is able to define and calculate standard shifts of personnel with specific and pre-defined timing. It is also possible to make changes on specific days if it is necessary.
Defining daily shifts as floating : Although defining many kinds of personnel shifts is manageable through free panels, some companies need a freer kind of shift for some people as floating in which personnel can make several entries and exits without having a shift with a specific time. The system finally calculates the total hours of his presence per day.
Controlling overtime : Since being present after work shift is considered as overtime in most methods of overtime calculations, this can lead to an increase in personnel salaries. In the established cycle of Asa traveling management system, every personnel exit hour is not considered as overtime and only overtime requests confirmed by managers or supervisors are included in calculations.
The management of user attendance and portal system : All personnel at the levels of normal users, supervisors, managers and users of human resource department (HR) have different capabilities because of the distributed structure of system. Managing the capabilities of users in such a great number could not be covered by supervisors of Asa software. Therefore, a new module is provided for HR users to manage the capabilities of users of attendance system and portal. In these conditions, HR users can only allocate the capabilities of attendance system and portal to personnel or define new personnel or remove them.
Connecting to personnel voucher system, smart closet and …. : One of the interesting capabilities of Asa attendance system and portal is connecting to food voucher system of personnel. By this system, only those personnel are able to receive food vouchers who have valid shifts. This important thing can reduce costs and better control the food system of personnel. The potential of connecting to other smart equipment such as closets is also achieved.
Some reports : Daily reports on details of personnel functions, monthly reports on personnel functions, general reports on performance as selective, reports on 12-month functions in an item, selective reports on 12-month functions for every personnel

The capability to register entries and exits of personnel by their fingerprint, direct online link to attendance software and personnel portal system as well as using Asa Pose device, it is also possible to connect Asa attendance software and personnel portal to other devices in special situations if hotels insist to maintain their previous devices.

The management of personnel food, direct link to payment software, direct registration of consumable items of personnel, controlling the food of personnel, offering food in different meals after being confirmed by voucher hardware device through fingerprints, online registration and printing for serving by related cooks and so on.

In all methods, guests purchase internet traffic with high speed and volume after observing a hotel website. They can use the free internet of hotels if they want to use small volume with limited speed. It is worth noting that the way of identifying in this method is through name, phone number and birth certificate of a person.
Internet charging linked to Mikrotik:
- selling internet account by Asa hoteling software
- controlling the volume traffic of users
- creating username and password for guests to use the internet automatically by Asa hoteling software
- calculating internet cost after creating pose directly to guests’ accounts
- determining free traffic based on days of stay for example 50 megabyte free traffic for every day
Internet charging linked to IBSng :
Without traffic limitation, so some traffic will be free at the time of room registration and the rest of it will be paid by guests. It is worth noting that the log of every user in the server will be observable because of security controls.
Internet charging linked to Delta SIB :
It is the same as IBSNG and logs of sites will be preserved.

Mechanized registration of guests requests if it is linked to VOIP phones, mechanized orders to different departments including housekeeping, room service, laundry, coffee shops, and bellboys and following them

Employment forms, evaluations, reports on assessments, the capability to register different educational courses, assessment of departments, assessment courses

The capability to sell goods by RFID tag, the capability to define different goods, reports on sales for separate goods, selling in cash

The capability to send seasonal purchase and sale reports, the capability to link warehouse software to finance software for automatic transmission of purchased goods, hotel software link for reports on credit sales for VoIP software of request management-Guest Service separate companies and agencies, report on cash sales of restaurants,and rooms for separate ID cards, reports on sale by Pos , reports on uncollected income of reserved rooms

If connected to parking system, it can receive RFID tags of guests and open doors automatically if it is valid, the capability to register cars of personnel and managers and control their entries, defining parking, defining parking capacity, defining users and blocking parking spaces, manual and automatic registration of cars entered and exited, link to reception system for controlling room number and folio for guests, daily and periodical reports on cars entered and exited and their stop times, the capability to use magnetic and smart cards, displaying the time of entry and exit for every car, reports on traveling by cars of hotel personnel, defining several cars for a room or every personnel and so on.

Link to IPTV system, the capability to record information of drivers, the capability to define different kinds of car, the capability to define information and specifications of cars, the capability to define different kinds of customer, the capability to declare end date of trip, financial and statistical reports on trips based on date, driver and customer, daily reports on travels, the capability to charge transportation costs for rooms or free sale, the capability to define services and time of traveling to holy shrine of Imam Reza, reports on sales

Hotel guest sales (the bills of hotel guests will be written in reception bills), the capability to define different places and gyms and sport equipment, the capability to register users of equipment and gyms

Discount method and granting points:
1.Customer grouping (golden, silver, and bronze and….)
2.Offering discounts to club groups for separate restaurants (20 percent discount for restaurants of golden group, 15 percent discount for restaurants of a silver group)
3.The capability to defined different kinds of customer (seminar, banquet, honorary, agency and…)
4.The capability to activate pointing for every income title
5.The capability to grant point for restaurant and room bills
6.The capability to define a division coefficient for groups for calculation of sale points
7.The capability yo search customers in software based on card number, row number and customer name
8.The management of customers who are members of the club
Point method and present :
1.Giving points for bills of customers who are members of the club and allocating these points with the bill itself to the account of related customers
2.Grouping customers (golden, silver, bronze) Making different decisions for deduction of customer points (a free ticket to Water Park for every 10000 points, a free stay in hotel for a night for 30000 points and…)
3.Point calculation based on customer functions and internet payment to cards of customers by the top users of system
4.The capability to use virtual funds paid to cards of customers
5.The customers who are members of the club can use the restaurant by their bank cards which are charged by the hotel for their points
6.Managing the accounts of customers who are members of a club
Positive account method and offering discounts and card-based technology :
1.Customers who are members of a club must charge their account first
2.The system offers discounts based on the customer’s account balance in restaurants
3.Rial control (in every registration or at the time of arrival)
4.Date control (activation of a period of time)
5.Controlling the number of use
6. No payment in restaurants 7.Customers are identified by their cards in all restaurants
8.Managing the account of customers who are members of the club

Live TV module: the capability to watch live channels is provided. These digital radio and television channels are located inside Iran. VOD wanted videos modules: the capability to watch wanted videos and listening to wanted music is provided.
AOD wanted songs modules: the capability to play wanted songs by guests is provided.
Bill module: guests are able to see their bills online Room service module: guests are able to register laundry service room. Housekeeping, taxi and defined tours by the hotel Housekeeping module: in this module, housekeeping department using Setup box control is able to record all information about room conditions or checkout system in the system and it can be observed online in the hoteling software.
Texting: in this module, guests are able to see sent messages from the system on TV screen. Controlling internet account of guests: in this module, guests can charges their accounts by IPTV charging and buy traffic. These operations are recorded online in hotel software and can be observed by guests.
CCTV: the capability to use camera in needed places and sending pictures on users’ TVs are provided. This system can be used to display live pictures from hotel corridors, lobbies and parking.
Commercials: in this module, defined commercials on TV will be played by system manager.
Internet: in IPTV systems, users are able to use the internet without using a computer by their TVs
Game: different games are provided for users.
Multilanguage: IPTV is able to change into 3 languages. Language change can be made automatically by getting information from hoteling software.
OPC Server: this module is designed for connecting other software to IPVT system for example at the time of fire in the system if the alarm fire system is able to register information in OPC Server.

Asa hoteling software package with more than 35 web-based software subsets is proud to hold the first position among all Iranian web-based software packages and has the most software combination in comparison to its other counterparts.


ASA Web-Based Hotel Management Software , With A User Friendly And Integrated Environment That Has A Special Place In The Hotel Industry And Proud To Partner With More Than 100 Hotels Throughout The World.