Advantages of Asa softWare

1: accessibility to the software in any time and place 2: Being independent from platform and accessible through different software 3: No need to install any other software 4: integrating available information in different places 5: easy to develop and upgrade the software 6: Online support 7: Quick and effective communication with customers

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Facilities and specifications of Asa hotel softWare

These kinds of software are considered to be special kinds of client‐server software. The difference is that they are not installed on client side and no information is stored. Users connect to server on client side using web‐browser software (such as Internet‐explorer, Firefox, and Chrome).

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Asa softWare list

Asa hoteling software package with more than 35 web‐based software subsets is proud to hold the first position among all Iranian web‐based software packages and has the most software combination in comparison to its other counterparts.

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Dear Mr. Sanaeifar
The respectable managing director of Asa System Software Company

I greatly appreciate you and your colleagues in Asa Syestem Yeganeh Company for the implementation of software network of Tehran hotel and its great satisfaction from your support services and I wish you increasing success in your job.

Best Regards
Fereshte Mousavi
The manager of Tehran Hotel

Introduce Some Of The Asa Hotel SoftWare Customers

Our Other Customers ...

For supervision on quality and improving answering styles and increasing customer satisfaction, the company has decided to establish Asa support system for creating a mechanized base than can be followed. covered hotels can register requests online by receiving user codes and then know about the latest works. Please call at Mashhad office to receive your user codes.

Mechanization Support System